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  First in El Paso to specialize exclusively in Professional Emergency Water Removal and Drying Services.

 Anytime - Anyday Service

Free Inspections and Estimates

Direct Insurance Company Billing


 Fire and Smoke Restoration

Fire and smoke damage poses many dangers for homeowners and it is always best to contact us before attempting a type of damage cleanup yourself. For more information on how to handle fire and smoke damage or about its dangers you should contact Jimmy Garza


24/7 Emergency Response

Call 911, Then call us.
Jimmy Garzas' work begins when the coroner's office or other official, government body releases the "scene" to the owner or other responsible parties. Only when the police investigation has completely terminated on the contaminated scene may the cleaning begin.

Mold Inspections

Evaluation of Existing & Possible Mold Contamination

Mold Remediation

Remediation & Removal of Mold & Water Damaged Areas

Decontamination of Home or Business Area(s), Restore Home or Business to a Safe Environment


We eliminate odors with our enhanced treatment.

A/C Duct Odors


Pet Urine Odors


  Jimmy Garza Carpet Cleaning 

Your carpet is the foundation of your home.  A clean fresh foundation makes your home sparkle.  We are professional quality carpet cleaners who will make that sparkle shine.  Our services will eliminate odors, tough stains, and bacteria that can cause allergies.  Our mission is to exceed your expectations so that you are our customer for life.



 Jimmy Garza Lead Removal

We're committed to providing attention to all the details that customers always appreciate.

Let Jimmy Garza be your first choice for Lead Removal and your main source for all your other cleaning needs.